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Coating Capabilities

Specialty Tapes has invested significantly in state of the art production equipment, specifically designed for coating unique pressure sensitive adhesives. Their adhesive coating lines have precision tension controls that ensure consistent adhesive film thickness. Versatile coating equipment can process a wide variety of films, foils and papers. Adhesive coating is done with either reverse roll or gravure coating heads, depending on the adhesive type, coat weight and application. These coaters are designed to efficiently process film thicknesses from .25 mil to 10 mils, coating weights from .5 mils to 5 mils and web widths up to 60 inches. 

Multi-zone drying ovens optimize the performance attributes of their pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. Other in-line processes include priming, release coating, corona treatment and lamination of secondary substrates. Precision tension controls ensure optimum adhesive coating. This is particularly important for thin, extensible materials such as surface protection tapes and aluminum foil tapes.   In addition, converting and slitting are done on either high speed rewind or lathe slitters. 

Product and Application Experience

Thirty years of technical coating experience sets Specialty Tapes apart from many other tape suppliers. Their ability to manufacture specialty products, such as repositionable tapes, offers a broad range of adhesive solutions to compliment new OEM requirements. Products are provided in large roll formats for highly automated applications or in ATG tape formats for manual application with an ATG (automated tape gun) handgun.

Unique electronics products, such as anti-static tapes, provide static dissipative properties for electrical grounding, as well as high temperature surface protection. For example, product S2210AS is a 1 mil polyimide antistatic film single coated with 1.57 mils of silicone adhesive and is rated with a surface resistance of 106 Ohms. In addition, light management tapes provide light absorbing / light reflecting properties, incorporated into double coated assembly tapes. 

Antistatic surface protection tapes, coated under clean room 1000 conditions, are widely used for lens masking on mobile communication devices to prevent surface contamination and scratches. Polyimide or Kapton single coated and double coated tapes are used for high temperature bonding and assembly. Differential adhesive, double coated tapes are coated with a silicone adhesive on side one and an acrylic adhesive on side two; their unique properties permanently bond materials, such as silicone key pads to mobile devices.

Industrial specialty tapes include silicone adhesive tapes for splicing, powder coating and high temperature bonding applications. Polypropylene tapes provide an extensible backing for flexible applications, such as plastic laminate films used in consumer packaging. Fiberglass tapes provide extreme abrasion and temperature resistance for wire harness and equipment piping applications. UHMW tapes are available in 2, 5 and 10 mil thicknesses and are used to eliminate squeaks, rattles and abrasion; they also provide a wear resistant surface. Foam tapes and mounting tapes offer permanent bonds, along with gap filling properties, and are available with acrylic, polyurethane and polyethylene foams, coated with acrylic or rubber pressure sensitive adhesives. 

There are hundreds of automotive pressure sensitive adhesive applications, which have been specified by design OEM’s, to help keep the vehicle quiet, reduce vehicle weight, corrosion and cost. Acrylic adhesive tapes are utilized for foam attachment and assembly of plastic, metal and composite components. These bonding tapes are highly conformable and provide durable, weather resistant bonds and reduce the number of parts, as compared to mechanical fastener assembly. UHMW tapes keep the vehicle quiet by eliminating squeaks and rattles. Polyethylene foam tapes and acrylic mounting tapes permanently bond decorative trim and gasketing.

Framing, sign and award applications utilize acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for bonding papers, plastics, composites, metals, wood and cloth. They provide a broad range of single coated tapes, such as Rabbet Guard II™ S558, a black felt material for covering the inside rabbets of picture frames, as well as ATG tapes which are widely used for print mounting, framing assembly, name plate attachment and archival bonding.

Confidential Technical Review

Whether it’s pilot trials, new product scale-up or high volume production, Specialty Tapes extensive adhesive coating and converting expertise ensures consistent, high quality products that meet customers’ requirements. Their Technical Service team is available to confidentially review your application at (800) 545-8273, (262) 835-0748 or fax them at (262) 835-0749. Contact Specialty Tapes today.

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