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Case Studies

Shursplice™ CW-21S Silicone Adhesive Tape Reduces Plating Scrap


A leading tier 2 automotive components supplier was experiencing higher than normal scrap of precious metal components for automotive electronics applications. This problem was caused by the tape they were using; it allowed plating solution to weep under the masked off area, and created out of spec parts. In addition, the customer was using a second tape for splicing the plating web, which would occasionally fail and shut down the line, which significantly affected production.


Product CW-21S was evaluated and found to significantly reduce the plating scrap rate. Its high performance silicone adhesive coated at 1.3 mils on a 2 mil polyester backing provided the additional chemical resistance to withstand the plating acids during the customer’s plating process. In addition, product CW-21S was also evaluated for the second application of web splicing and proved superior to the competitive splicing product. The higher coat weight and increased shear strength of the silicone adhesive eliminated splice failures. The customer was able to standardize on one product for both applications, thus eliminating a part number and reducing inventory.


This customer was able to eliminate plating scrap due to tape mask leakage. In addition, they eliminated plating web failures caused by splice joint slippage. Both of these competitive tapes were replaced by CW-21S. The customer enjoyed significant cost savings from improved production and were also able to standardize both applications on one tape, which reduced their inventory and improved cash flow. 

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