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STM Product Flyers and Catalog

The 2012 Edition of the STM Product Selection Guild - Call us at 800-545-8273 to learn more     


Call 800-545-8273 to place your order today for our Flash Breaking Tapes            

 "Does your supplier have you on a short leash?"          Products so good, our competitors don't wan't us to talk about it...          Our latest line in Silicone Adhesive Tapes for your needs...    

We can splice anything and everything...          Finish it Fast, Finish it Right, call Specialty Tapes Manufacturing today...          Even the Wolfman thinks this is #1 on the Tape Parade...

Tough and Reliable, that's Specialty Tapes Manufacturing...          Our Tunnel Tape takes the chaos out of your day...          "Tap the cash and watch the savings flow!"

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