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Specialty Tapes has been manufacturing pressure sensitive adhesive tapes since 1977. Their extensive market and product expertise extends to both high volume and low volume / high mix applications. Unique product constructions provide permanent bonds, temporary protection or repositionable attachment on a wide variety of plastic, paper, metal and glass substrates. 

High Temperature Resistance

Many industrial applications, such as powder coating and masking, require high temperature resistance, fine line masking and no adhesive residue upon removal. Other applications, such as splicing tapes, require high tack that provides instant adhesion to high speed webs traveling up to 1000 feet per minute, for splicing of papers and plastic films used in flexible packaging for consumer disposables. There is no tolerance for failure, as each splice must provide a consistent, durable bond. Specialty Tapes’ ISO 9001 Quality System, along with extensive process controls, ensure consistently high quality pressure sensitive adhesive tapes that deliver performance and value with every product. 

Long Term Durability

Automotive applications for pressure sensitive adhesives are typically under hood and passenger compartment environments that require long term, high temperature and environmental durability. These applications are frequently bonding sound attenuation foams and foil/fiberglass shielding to the engine and passenger compartments to prevent air leakage, squeaks and rattles (ASR). Specialty Tapes high temperature acrylic and silicone pressure sensitive adhesives have made significant inroads with OEM design engineers. Their automotive pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are continuously improved with new materials that provide long-term durability, as well as cost effective solutions for assembly, trim attachment, protection and ASR.

High Speed Processing

Another example of a Specialty Tapes unique, high speed production application is in the electronics industry; millions of mobile communications devices utilize S950L Antistatic Protection Film on finished plastic lenses to ensure new devices reach consumers in perfect condition. Both Products S950L and S972L are clean room 1000 adhesive coated, and available as antistatic versions, which virtually eliminate potential contamination and static during the assembly process. Specialty Tapes products surround you, in some shape or form, permanent or temporary, in thousands of applications.

Custom Solutions

The ability to custom tailor adhesive characteristics with single coated backing and double coated carrier attributes enables Specialty Tapes to provide solutions for thousands unique applications. In the Framing, Sign and Award markets, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes bond papers, films, non-wovens, wood, plastics and metals with permanent or temporary bonds, depending on the tape chosen for the application. Unique temporary bonding tapes provide repositionability, which allows the operator several attachments with the same tape.

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