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Industrial Tapes

Aluminum foil tapes are widely used for a variety of high temperature shielding, warming and heat reflective applications. Polyimide and Kapton tapes, coated with high temperature silicone adhesives, provide high performance assembly and protection of electrical components. High temperature powder coating tapes provide reliable masking and clean removal with no residue. High performance Shursplice splicing tapes bond consistently to a wide variety of films, papers and composite surfaces. They are available with both uncoated and release coated surfaces.

A wide range of high tack and low tack single coated film tapes provide economical bundling, carton sealing, web processing and die cutting applications. An extensive family of double coated tapes, utilizing backing materials such as PET, polypropylene, tissue and UPVC carriers, provide durable permanent or repositionable attachment to a wide variety of plastics, metals, fabrics, foams and composite materials. Other unique products, such as silicone coated cloth tapes for process roller wrapping provide a smudge free surface for printing and coating applications.



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