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New Specialty Tapes products

Polyimide Antistatic Tape S2210AS

Antistatic silicone adhesive tape with 1 mil polyimide antistatic film backing, single coated with 1.57 mil silicone adhesive for electronics bonding and protection applications.

Tunnel Tape™ S56, Black / Yellow Hazard Stripe

Tunnel Tape™ is a removable, repositionable tape incorporating a hand tearable, puncture resistant, black / yellow hazard stripe cloth, with a matte film over lamination, zone coated with a removable natural rubber adhesive. The unique non-adhesive tunnel assures no adhesive touches the wires or cables.   Applications include grouping / over wrapping wires, cables and cords into a neat, manageable unit. Tape removes easily from carpet and other surfaces without leaving a residue. Also available in a matte black cloth version as Tunnel Tape S54.

Differential Coated Assembly Tape D657

Differential coated, high tack / removable assembly tape has a 1 mil PET carrier coated on side 1 with a permanent, high tack acrylic adhesive and a removable acrylic adhesive on side 2. The high tack side permanently bonds a wide variety of smooth substrates, including polyester, while the low tack, removable side is designed to remove cleanly from smooth and slightly textured surfaces, such as mirrors, tile and melamine. Total thickness is 3.3 mils. Adhesion on side 1 (high tack) is 42 oz/in. and side 2 (low tack) is 20 oz. in. Service temperature range is 350F. 

Shursplice™ S292CLA Splicing Tape

Silicone adhesive splicing tape with a 1 mil clear PET film, single coated with 2.0 mils of silicone adhesive, for improved gap filling. Provides superior bonds to the most difficult silicone coated release surfaces and interliners. Total tape thickness is 3.0 mils, with a peel adhesion of 43 oz/in.. Temperature resistance is 400F. The conformable polyester film is extremely durable and resists tearing and punctures; high performance silicone adhesive provides excellent chemical resistance. The adhesive is very stable and resists flow, oozing and slippage.

Shursplice™ S788 Splicing Tape

Acrylic adhesive splicing tape with a 1.5 mil clear PET film backing, single coated with 1 mil high shear, high temperature acrylic adhesive. Adhesive conforms to FDA 21CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact. Total tape thickness is 2.5 mils; the high tack pressure sensitive exhibits a peel adhesion of 41 oz/in.. Applications include packaging, printing and processing of food related materials.

Tuff Edge™ S870 Banner Hem Tape

Tuff Edge Banner Hem tape is an 8 mil reinforced, white laminate backing, single coated with 3.5 mils of an aggressive acrylic adhesive system. Tuff Edge Banner Hem tape reinforces the banner edge and eliminates folding, sewing and adding grommets. Adhesion is 115 oz/in. and service temperature is -400 F to 200 F. The high tack adhesive is highly resistant to water and will hold up in extreme cold, heat and humidity.   This unique product provides a finished edge that is smooth, with no rippled hem. Mounting holes can be punched through Tuff Edge Banner Hem tape to achieve “no tear” fastening.

Polyimide Single Coated Tape S770O

High temperature silicone adhesive tape with a heavy duty 2 mil polyimide film backing, single coated with 1.5 mils of silicone adhesive. Provides exceptionally high temperature resistance and very good electrical properties, as well as puncture and tear resistance when used at elevated temperatures. Product S770O also provides excellent resistance to solvents, acids and oils and leaves no adhesive residue upon removal. Total tape thickness is 3.5 mils. Temperature resistance is 500 F. The heavy duty polyimide film coated with silicone adhesive exhibits adhesion of 22 oz/in., tensile strength of 50 lbs/in., dielectric strength of 11,000 volts and insulation resistance of 1 million mega volts. The film color is amber. Applications include high temperature insulation, protection and assembly of electrical components and printed circuits during board fabrication.

Surface Protection Film S950BL

Acrylic adhesive tape with a 1.5 mil blue PET film backing, single coated in a class 1000 clean room, with a 1 mil low adhesion, removable acrylic adhesive designed to be used as a protective mask. Total tape thickness is 2.5 mils. Acrylic adhesive exhibits excellent temperature resistance, low adhesion for clean removability, long term moisture and UV resistance and adhesion of 0.3 - 1.0 oz/in.. Service temperatures are 204 C short term and 148 C long term.   Applications include protective masking of electronic components, metals, glass, plastic lenses and polished surfaces.

Double Coated Tape D1100

High tack, permanent and economical, double coated assembly tape D1100 has a .32 mil clear PET carrier coated on each side with 1.5 mils of acrylic adhesive. Permanently bonds a wide variety of smooth substrates, foams and composite materials. High tack acrylic adhesive system provides excellent holding power and heat resistance. Ideally suited for high speed flying splices of paper, film and foils, as well as general purpose bonding in a wide variety of industrial applications. The thin PET carrier is highly conformable and allows easy hand tearing for manual applications. Aggressive adhesive provides excellent quick stick and cold weather bonding properties. PET carrier adds dimensional stability and is excellent for die cutting applications. Total thickness is 3.32 mils. Adhesion is 50 oz/in. and service temperature range is -40° to 220° F.

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