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Specialty Tapes broad range of standard products include transfer, double coated and single coated pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, as well as single and double coated foam and mounting tapes. Silicone, acrylic, rubber, and butyl rubber pressure sensitive adhesives are coated on a wide variety of polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyimide and UHMW films, in addition to tissue and flat back papers, non-wovens, fiberglass and a variety of polyethylene, polyurethane and acrylic foams. Aluminum, lead and steel foil tapes are also included in the standard product range. Other special substrates or adhesives may be custom coated upon request.

The broad product range and in-depth technical expertise enables Specialty Tapes to provide the best solution for each customer requirement. They have high performance products for heavy duty, critical applications, as well as cost effective solutions where competitive pricing is a major selection factor. All products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality system and meet global customer specifications. Applications range from permanent bonding, to repositionable adhesives that allow initial application adjustments, as well as removable, low tack adhesives used for surface protection films. Repositionable and removable pressure sensitive adhesive tapes leave no residue upon removal.

Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives provide the highest temperature resistance and long-term durability. Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives deliver the most versatile combination of temperature resistance, performance and adhesion on a wide variety of applications. Rubber adhesives are known for instant tack and economy, but in many cases, new acrylic adhesives provide a better cost/performance package. Specialty Tapes has been manufacturing high performance pressure sensitive adhesive tapes since 1977. Their knowledge of adhesives, materials and applications has enabled them to become a global manufacturing leader in high performance pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.

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