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Single Coated Tapes

Specialty Tapes broad range of products includes rubber, acrylic and silicone adhesives for splicing tapes, aluminum foil tapes and fiberglass/foil tapes. Other substrates include PET, polypropylene, polyethylene, Kapton, polyimide and PVC films, crepe, flat back and tissue papers, as well as aluminum, lead and steel foils.

Rubber / Cloth

Acrylic / Foil

Rubber / Foil

Silicone / Foil

Silicone / Kapton or Polyimide Films

Rubber / Paper or Crepe

Acrylic / PET Film

Rubber / PET Film

Silicone / PET Film

Acrylic / Polypropylene Film & Scrim

Acrylic / Polyethlyene & UHMW Films

Rubber / PVC Film

Acrylic / Tissue
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