MasKing 430 | Polyester Silicone Adhesive Tape | Masking Tape

MasKing 430
S295 Green Polyester Silicone Adhesive Tape

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Polyester Silicone Adhesive Tape Features

  • Applications: powder coating masking, electroplating, e-coating, anodizing, masking edges of overlap seams, e-coating, anodizing as a barrier of separation for dissimilar metals, assembly bonding
  • High temp and chemical resistant
  • No-residue, clean removal
  • High strength and tack to low energy surfaces

Polyester Silicone Adhesive Tape Description

This heavy-duty powder coating masking tape with a polyester silicone adhesive provides high strength and a no curl mask that is also resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. This tape removes easily without leaving behind any adhesive residue and bonds well to low energy surfaces. The green polyester film makes it highly visible with excellent opposition to solvents, oils, and acids. It is also available in rust and on a liner.

Polyester Silicone Adhesive Tape Specs

  • Construction: Single Sided
  • Carrier: Polyester (PET)
  • Carrier Thickness: 2 mil
  • Adhesive Type: Silicone
  • Adhesive Thickness: 1.4 mil
  • Total Tape Thickness: 3.4 mil
  • Adhesion to Steel: 34 oz/in

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