About Us

STM has a focused range of double-coated, single-coated and adhesive transfer tapes for the demanding applications in the industrial, automotive, electronics, framing, sign and award markets. Applications include bonding, laminating, mounting, splicing, masking, surface protection, bundling, and shielding.

In addition, we offer formulation expertise for both standard and custom pressure sensitive adhesives specific to a customer’s application.

STM Adhesive Constructions

STM product constructions include high-temperature silicone adhesives, in both double coated and adhesive transfer tapes, differential coated silicone/acrylic adhesives, acrylic adhesive transfer and ATG tapes. Silicone adhesive tapes provide durable, high-temperature resistance for demanding applications such as powder coating machine. Additionally, STM’s “world’s stickiest silicone” works great for splicing silicone films and papers.

Unique Adhesive Properties

Acrylic adhesive tapes provide a controlled range of high tack, low tack, removable or permanent properties for splicing, temporary masking, bonding and assembly applications. Splicing tapes are widely used in the printing, processing, converting and coating industries, where quick stick and bond durability are critical to customers’ applications. Surface protection tapes provide temporary masking to prevent scratching and damage to critical components, such as mobile communication devices, computers, automobiles, glass and polished metals. Bonding tapes utilize high strength acrylic adhesives for permanent assemblies. Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives are available in formats of adhesive transfer tapes and double coated tapes for close fitting bond lines or as double coated foam tapes and mounting tapes for gap filling applications.

Technical Innovation

STM has earned a global reputation for technical innovation and high-quality products. Our ability to guaranty delivery of standard products quickly, puts us ahead of competitors, who are slower to respond to customers’ needs. For a review of your requirements, contact our Technical Service group at (800) 545-8273, (262) 835-0748 or fax them at (262) 835-0749.

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